Somadina And Her 20 Years Secret – How I Wish

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I was deep asleep when I heard the sound of lightning, I looked through my window and noticed that it was drizzling, then I remembered my clothes were outside. I sprang from my bed and ran to our back door, opened it and went into the rain to gather my clothes including my Mummy’s. When I got close to my Mummy’s window, I noticed she was still up and two candles were lit up.

At first, I ignored her, packed the clothes and ran inside the house because I was drenched but on a second thought, I decided to go back to find out why she had 2 candles on. We are not Catholics and we don’t pray with candles in my church so I wondered why she had 2 lighted candles in her room by that time of the night when she was suppose to be asleep.

I tiptoed to her window, peeped through the opening and saw a stainless basin and white cloth folded into it while she made incantations. I listened carefully to know if she was praying, but I could not hear her. The part that scared life out of me was when she poured 2 cups of water into the basin and then shouted “Somadina, Somadina, Somadina”.

Fear engulfed me and I could not move my feet, I was shivering and feeling cold too. When I was able to put myself together, I staggered into my room, lay on my bed and sobbed. I was pained and heart broken discovering that my Mummy was fetish and could be the person hindering my progress. I wept bitterly and uncontrollably till my tears soaked my pillow.

My name is Somadina Ndifon and I am the only child of my parents. My Daddy died when I was 20 and since then it’s been just my mummy and I against the world. We lived alone in our 3 bedroom apartment my Daddy managed to build before his demise. He spent all we had hoping to build his savings again with returns from his business but unfortunately the cold hands of death suddenly snatched him from us; we lost him to 3 days fever and till date, I still believe he didn’t die a natural death. The money we realized from his funeral was what I used to foot my final year bills.

Since I graduated, I have been jobless and the worst of it all is no man ever approached me for a relationship upon my beauty and intelligence. Well, we concluded that we had external forces battling against us but that night was a confirmation that my mummy was the internal force.

Fast forward to her birthday which was 3 days later. I woke up that morning feeling unnecessarily excited and then I went to her room, wished her happy Birthday and promised to make her very rich and tasty Edere’ soup(white soup). She told me not to worry but serve her the meal we already had, but I refused and went ahead to get dressed to go to the market.

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Before I left, she called me back and said “Som, what is the reason behind your excitement today. For the past 2 days, you have been moody and barely spoke to me, even when I tried to find out what the problem was, you snubbed me and gave me the cold shoulder. I feel so uncomfortable with your reaction. Am I missing something?”. I smiled and replied her “Mummy, it’s nothing serious, I just had mood swings.

You know the thought of not being able to provide all your needs and knowing that your birthday is around the corner and nothing to gift you made me unhappy, then discovering that that… don’t worry, I will gift you something bigger than you expected today”. She shook her head and said “it’s well my Daughter, things will get better soon but what did you discover?”. I replied ” that I have some money still left in my bank account, bye Mummy”. I left immediately.

While walking down to my junction, I wondered why she was too inquisitive, could it be she knew I caught her? was she feeling guilty for the wrong she did to me?. I was lost in thought that I didn’t notice a car was honking behind me. Story cut short, I got to the market bought all the soup items including one big parent cock so I could fulfill my promise of making her very rich Edere’ soup. I got home, made the soup and luckily for me, it came out very delicious and too peppery, I dished it with fufu by the side.

My Mummy was asleep, so I woke her up and served her the delicious meal in bed. She was so excited and emotional. I left her for some minutes to wipe my tears because I got emotional too. God knows I loved my Mummy so much but could not fathom why she made herself my obstacle. I went to our control switch, disconnected the electricity and went back to the room. My mummy was sweating profusely while eating the hot peppery meal.

She said “Som, your soup is so delicious but it’s too peppery and now the light is gone, am not enjoying it anymore, please open the windows to let in fresh air”. She bent and continued moulding her balls of fufu, tearing the chicken flesh apart, scooping her hot nsala soup while wiping the heat that had soaked her clothes and cleaning the mucus flowing out of her nose.

She could not stop eating due to the taste of the meal. She was too busy with the meal that she didn’t notice I did not open the windows as she instructed. I stared at her with rage and sorely tempted to throttle her. When she had eaten half of the meal, I called her “Mummy” with my eyes filled with tears, she responded still dissecting her chicken and throwing them into her mouth. When she looked up and saw my teary eyes, she immediately dropped the fufu ball she had and asked what the problem was. I replied “you Mummy, you are my problem.

Mummy how would you feel if I prepare this type of meal for you every weekend, served in an air conditioned room or dinning room with moderate pepper for the rest of your life?” She said “Som, of course I will be so excited but please don’t let your mood spoil the moment, remember it’s my birthday today and I have told you to be patient for our God is not asleep. Our enemies will be put to shame soon”.

I replied “yes! just as mine would be put to shame today. Mummy but how would you feel knowing that this would be the last I would ever prepare for you? Mummy, who really are you?” She was shocked by my question and replied “God forbid!, I will not die yet, I shall live to see my grandchildren, I shall live to witness your breakthrough my beautiful Daughter, don’t worry ok”.

I shook my head and said “unfortunately you may not see them again because you chose not to. You are getting close to your grave with every second that tick. Look at how you are sweating because you are eating hot and peppery Edere’ soup, I wonder what will happen to you when you get to hell because it’s going to be hotter than what you are feeling now. Eat up the chicken and the remaining fufu as this would be the last you would have on Earth.

It’s only in movies that I have seen a mother hinder her child’s progress. You have only me, instead of you to pray for my progress and wish me well, you wake up in the middle of the night, light your 2 candles and invoke my spirit. You call my name 3 times and commit me to your god in exchange for what I do not know. You have been the enemy of this family and I am sure you killed my Daddy, but you know what, I am smarter and faster than you are. I am going to have my freedom today”.

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She was so shocked and surprised. She said “Som, what has come over you? why are you wishing me death after everything I have done for you and still doing for you just to make sure you have a better life. I am highly disappointed in you. Who has brain washed you? Who has turned you against your own mother. Is this the reason you have been moody?. Oh! now I get it. Is it because you you saw lit candles in my room that night it rained heavily; I knew you were behind gathering our clothes.

Somadina Realizes The Truth

A friend recently referred me to her woman of God for prayers, so she told me to wake up every Sunday night to pray with two candles, white cloth, basin and water to cleanse my home from every forces preventing our progress. When I heard your foot steps, I called you thrice, but you did not answer me so I decided to leave and inform you about the prayer later hoping you would join me.

Do you think I am happy my only child is not married yet? You think I don’t wish for you to get well paid job? Instead of confronting me to get answers to your questions, you are busy accusing me wrongly. I feel disappointed and betrayed and if not that you are my daughter, I would have said I regret my efforts, I have lost my appetite, thanks for the bowl of pepper”.

I started sweating and shivering all over, I felt dizzy as my head got heavier. I began to pant heavily while tears ran down my cheek. “My Mummy is dying” I said to myself. I ran to the control switch and turned it on then knelt down before her, begged her to follow me to the hospital. She refused and told me she was OK.

She said “No need taking me to the hospital to check my blood pressure, I just need to rest and forget all the trash you said to me, I will be fine. I held her hands and told her “Mummy please I am sorry for being too harsh. I don’t want to check your BP, it’s way beyond what you think OK, let’s go to the hospital now!!, I don’t want to loose you please!”.

My Mummy snubbed me, lay down on the couch and switched on the TV to watch her favourite channel. I started crying and ran outside the gate to look for a cab. Luckily for me, I found one just opposite our building. We rushed to the parlour to force her out, but before I could get there, my sweet Mummy was already on the floor foaming through her mouth.


I screamed “Mummy please don’t leave me, I am sorry”. The driver helped me carry her into the car and drove recklessly to the hospital. She was immediately taken to the intensive care unit where she was placed on life support while they gave her injections.

“She had stomach upset after eating peppery Nsala soup” I told the Doctor but I didn’t tell him I added insecticide to her meal, I was scared to tell him I poisoned my own mother, so he assumed she ate unclean food which her system did not accept and administered antibiotics.

Flash back: that night, the rain got heavier, and in the midst of my fears, I still managed to pray, after which I slept off. The next day, I went to see a prophet and after telling him what I saw, he told me outrightly that my Mummy was a witch, he told me she sold my destiny and the only time I would have my life back is when she joins her ancestors. I needed to have my life back as soon as possible, hence my decision to poison her. I bought the insecticide on my way back and waited for her birthday.

I left the hospital to get some things at home, but before I returned, my Mummy was already covered with white sheet. The Doctor said when the lab results came out, he found some poisonous substances in her blood and he suspects she was poisoned. “Unfortunately her intestines are damaged already, so we could not do more to save her life, I am sorry” said the Doctor.

I fell on the floor, rolled myself multiple times without minding I might get infected, I stood up and hit myself on the plastic chairs there, I tore my clothes and flung my wig. People rushed to hold me but I told them to allow me kill myself. I cried out so loud while I cursed myself and that very night it rained, I cursed the fake Prophet and wished him dead too.

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I regretted my actions and wished I confronted my Mummy first, I wished I controlled myself, I wished I didn’t take that drastic decision, I wished I listened to my inner voice who told me not to and I wished I could wake her up, look into her eyes, confess and apologize to her” What broke me more was not opening up to the doctor when I brought her in. May be she would have survived.

At 30 I was so unreasonable and such a dumb ass. Yes! I was so stupid and foolish to have believed that prophet of doom; my poor Mummy was praying, I assumed she was making incantations when I didn’t hear her clearly, she called me thrice and I assumed she was invoking my spirit. Now I am 50, still hopeless, jobless, single and childless.

Karma indeed is a bitch. I might never have that good life I desire and I have never known peace since the demise of my Mummy. Obviously, she has not forgiven me and might not till I join her there. Killing my Mummy is the secret I would take to my grave.

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