AFREP – All Info About The New 2022 Crypto Frontier

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AFREP represents a bespoke digital asset that is exclusive and defines the next frontier of cryptocurrency or altcoin adoption and targeted deployment.

The primary and most prized use case is as a deliberate hedge cryptocurrency which is almost akin to a stable coin but with special algorithm changes to accommodate and implement DeFi protocols, and support DeFi Projects.

It can be used for “High Volume” cryptocurrency transactions even on major exchanges and platforms because of the value of the underlying digital asset.



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AFREP is designed to be the only altcoin to pose a “Violet and Indigo” Card meant for an exclusive class of Crypto Investors.

The Plan for adoption of Afrep on the long-term roadmap includes deployment via DeFi frameworks that support projects for travel, leisure and vacation, hotel reservations, international real estate market, shipping and handling (S&H), humanitarian aid and generally any high volume and trans-border transaction.


Token Info

  • Afrep Token Address: 0x3D49d6F854620057FD4408B8daa8c0B15c48fcE0
  • Token Name Afrep
  • Token Symbol AFREP
  • Token Decimals 9

AFP will be used for booking rides, hotels, and flights globally. GZC is going to be used for shopping, and payment for other goods and services globally SZCB1 is for swap and transaction fees. After these are done within 3 months, I will let you know what SZC, GSZC & SZCB2 will be used for.

As of the time of writing, the current market cap is $0 and the fully diluted market cap is $2,179,427, The circulating supply is 0 of the maximum supply of 10,000,000 tokens.

How To Claim AFREP From Presale Site

How To Buy AFREP Coin

  1. Simply, open your Trustwallet or Metamask.
  2. Go to DAPPS
  3. Open
  4. Switch network to Binance smart chain
  5. Connect your wallet and trade

It is paired with BNB and BUSD so you must have either of these cryptocurrencies already in your wallet before you can trade successfully.


Alternatively, you can Contact Royal Stranger Exchange on WhatsApp via +2347026321243 and purchase your AFREP coins instantly at sweet rates.

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