BACO 2021: How To Become A Car Owner With 47k

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BACO 2021 which simply means Become A Car Owner is a project powered by Swift Initiative For Poverty Alleviation (SW-NGO) and the aim is to ensure that every member is able to own their dream cars before the year 2021 runs out.

SW-NGO, A reputable NGO, registered with Nigeria CAC which empowered many NIGERIANS in 2019 IS HERE AGAIN TO UNVEIL the YEAR 2021’s Vision called BACO 2021 which means (BECOME A CAR OWNER in 2021)

The NGO is in partnership with a car firm DIVINE MOTORS and with a one-time Payment of N47k, you’re eligible to own your dream car this year! This amount has been computed to give you a car within a period of time and many other incentives.


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The security of this system is guaranteed based on the Support of their Int’l partners in the USA and Asia, which has been serving humanity since 1959.

Project Partners/Sponsors

This program is supported by Zenith BANK, ACCESS bank, and FIDELITY.


swift initiative cac certificate

swift initiative efcc certificate

What You Stand To Gain When You Join SW-NGO

These are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you join SW organization.

Residual Income

Income you’ll enjoy without your efforts directly and it’s a lifetime income that comes regularly


Ít is the responsibility of the organization to train and mentor you on how to achieve financial freedom, time freedom, and health freedom.

Assisting in Raising Funds

It’s the responsibility of the organization to work with you to raise funds so you can establish a business or fund an existing business or project of your choice.

Free Health Products

As you raise funds, the system also generates free health care products for your consumption. It is of importance for you to be healthy so as to enjoy the funds generated from the system

Free Vacation To Overseas

As you enjoy the funds generated from the system, you’re also entitled to free travel vacations overseas e.g Asia, USA, and Europe.



Just as explained in the video above, there are 3 different account slots in the BACO project, of which any member can choose to register on.

A. 1 account which costs 47,000 for registration. Under this account, you are to bring only 2 persons to register as SW-NGO members. Under this account, your car will be due in 9-12 months

B. 3 account which costs 141,000 (47×3). Here, you are to bring 4 people to register under you. Your car will be due in 6-9 months and all your profits are multiplied by 3. I.e 9Mx3 =27M at the end.


C. 7 accounts. This account costs 329,000. Duration: 4-6 months and your 9M is multiplied by 7.

While it is impossible to have money in your account and not touch it, you are permitted to spend 20% of whatever you receive in a month.

This passive income is for life, it does not end. After registration, there’s no upgrade or level. Any account you register on is for life, it cannot be upgraded and the requirements are quite easy, unlike other programmes; that is the sweetest part of BACO


Whatever you register with is what you’ll earn for life.

Now you may be wondering what happens when your downline doesn’t bring in people. If for instance you registered with one account and you have your two downlines, you have fulfilled your obligation, just expect your returns to be coming in for you.


Now, those two people are also expected to continue by bringing 2 people to register under them. If they don’t bring in people, then they are not qualified to earn, they will not earn anything and at the end of one year their, money will be refunded back to them.


They are only qualified when they bring people to register under them but if they join and they don’t bring people under them it does not concern you it will not affect your earning.

How TO Register For BACO 2021

  1. Decide which plan to register with.
  2. Create a Diamond Extra Account with Access Bank
  3. Pay your membership plan registration amount (47k for 1 account, 141k for 3 accounts & 329k for 7 accounts) to: Account name: Swift Initiative For Poverty Eradication 5600505372 Fidelity Bank or 1017030613 – Zenith Bank
  4. Then send proof of payment to Royal the ADMIN HOTLINE via Whatsapp +2347026321243
  5. After that,  you will fill out the membership form and forward it to the NGO, after which your registration will be processed and linked to your bank account where you will be receiving your money monthly. I wish us all good luck.
Baco earnings chart

                                                                             BACO monthly earnings chart

For further inquiries, contact any of our offices with this code: 4078CN (Prince Innocent)


Head Office: Iye Plaza Block C, Top floor suite 7 & 8 Refinery Road, besides mega Hilton Hotel Ekpan, Delta State, Nigeria. 08133303740, 08168431535

Branch: Jusqueen Plaza by Aker Junction Iwofe Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. 09012006863.

You can join a little WHATSAPP GROUP to ask further questions: WHATSAPP GROUP


Reent BACO beneficiaries in Port Harcourt

Of recent, precisely on February 6, 2021, three members of SW-NGO were awarded their cars in Port Harcourt.

baco beneficiaries in port harcourt


baco beneficiaries in port harcourt BACO 2021 beneficiaries in Port Harcourt powered by SW-NGOBACO 2021 beneficiaries in Port Harcourt powered by SW-NGO

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