Education: A Panacea To Societal Ills

The western region premier, Chief Obafemi Awolowo has once said ” the children of the poor you failed to train will never let your children have peace.

Nigeria is drastically turning into an educational desert with inferior consideration geared toward the sector both at the basics and tertiary level. Though, it is more tragic with the basics level- primary and secondary schools.

Should I say education is placed in the last national priority of the Nigerian state? However, without being hypocritical to the collective efforts of the government in transforming the nation for better, I have to commend them on especially in the infrastructure and agricultural sector. Yet, it should be taken into cognizant by our government to note that education remains the inevitable and principal tool in fighting societal ills.

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Education In Nigeria

The Minister of Education; Adamu Adamu at the Presidential Retreat on Education for Ministers held on November 13th, 2017 at the State House, Abuja was quoted saying.

“As we all know, no nation can rise above the standard of its education, because it is education that serves as the springboard for every kind of development. If education is weak or dysfunctional, society and its development will
also, be weak and dysfunctional”

Nonetheless, it is not debatable that a series of challenges we are facing today as a nation is as a result of levity associated with our educational standard. Those Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram gangs, cultists and a host of others, are terrorizing the society because they lack proper education. Had it been they were given adequate education, they may have realized that killings and terrorism is a huge set back to themselves and won’t allow them to grow to realize their potential.

I will like to share with my audiences, a story I read about the Chinese people:

“The Chinese in their determination to build and live in a peaceful society built a great and insurmountable height wall in order to keep invaders at bay; because they believed it was impossible for anyone to scale through it. However, within the first century of the construction of the wall, the Chinese were invaded thrice. Every time the invaders came, they had no need to climb over the wall, they only bribed the guards on duty at the gate and the gate was widely opened for them”

The Chinese people took pains to build the wall but forgot to build the guards’ character, who were supposed to secure the walls. Character building precedes wall building and instilling good character people is an indispensable part of education.

Failure to inculcate into the Nigerian youths makes them to blindly accept rotten and evil knowledge aimed at balkanizing their society while making it unfit for peaceful coexistence.

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