#EndSars: Inksnation Has The Solution To Nigeria’s Problems

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Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks, UDI/Founder Inksnation DAO Foundation, has come out to state that Inksnation has solution to the financial problems being faced by Nigerians, including the trending issues of #endsars which he attributed to poverty being the root cause.

Humanity will always be staged against herself until she gives herself a brain. We let the want for money and the need for money steal our senses, coupled with a system that unconsciously makes money the king over humanity.

founder of inksnation Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks,

founder of inksnation Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks


The Root Cause Of Nigeria’s Security Problem

One of the major problems of the Police force is poverty. The devil uses such weapons to make us value money over the lives of our fellow humans.

In the USA the average policeman gets a minimum of $2,000 monthly.

The average Nigerian policeman because of his poor salary of an average of N25k when he looks at the years he has spent in services, & sees the impoverished outcome, he gets intimidated by a young man who is riding a jeep, whether yahoo or not.


They will always have that mindset of “this small boy”.

In that statement they are actually comparing the many years they have wasted as a policeman to the few years the small boy has used to achieve such success whether a yahoo boy or not.

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All these are because we have a system that makes it hard for Africans to have better lives serving the government.

If the average policeman is paid a minimum of N300k monthly with good accommodation, car allowance & health insurance do you think we will have these kind of issues?

For instance, a sergeant’s salary is around 40k monthly while the commissioner of police receives N260k monthly, The IGP’s salary is 700k+ monthly.


It can take the commissioner 18 years to get to that position while it takes the IGP 25 years to get to that position if he is to follow the ladder. Then, they now see one youth that makes x20 or x40 or even x100 of their salary within two weeks or one month and then you expect them not to misbehave or be intimidated?

Instead of them to pour their anger on the government, they’ll pour it on these youths who are living the lives they wish they sud be living.

For me instead of fighting the police or SARS who are actually victims of a very poor system, instead of campaigning for #endsars, why don’t we fight for the government to give them better salaries. With that, we believe they will behave.


Let’s fight the problem from the root. It’s not the police, neither is the government the problem. The major problem is poverty. The police officer also has family, they have children. It is the same poverty that created that department because the anti-robbery squad will not be needed if the crime rate is not high in Nigeria, and 99% of crimes in Africa are offshoots of poverty.

Poverty is the number 1, 2, 3 reasons why people go into crime.

This is my take. This issue applies to DSS, police, SARS, EFCC, and mostly all government workers. Pay them well they will behave. Let us do a protest that says #policesalaryupgrade or #increasepolicesalary


It might not make sense to some but this is my take and if you study it properly you will see it makes lots of sense.

I invest in human asset, so every single person is important; the police the sars, the EFCC, the government, and every single human being. Solve the problem from the root, don’t hit on the victim, hit on the main problem “poverty” or poor salaries.

How Inksnation Pinkoin Can Solve This Problem

If the payment of the whole civil servant in Nigeria is hard to pay, we volunteer to pay all the police force starting with the police recruit who receives n9,000 monthly presently we will start from there and pay N240k monthly and the commissioner of police can be paid N1.2m monthly and the igp can be paid N3.5 million monthly including all civil servants, all these are possible with Inksledger blockchain and pinkoin if the government is ready.

worth of pinkoin

current worth of pinkoin and membership strength

Inksnation blockchain for human asset development (Inksledger) can comfortably pay the entire civil servants even all Nigerians a minimum salary or basic income of n300k monthly and it won’t shake. With API’s from the central bank or/& nibs, all these will be possible in less than 2 weeks.

There will be no need for government workers to go on strikes, we can rebrand Nigeria in a jiffy.


Responding to this supposed solution, some Nigerians who are “Inks” also supported Mr. Sparks.

This is the pure fact I believe the government will not be willing to subscribe to. The problem of the Nigeria Government is that they believe that if the citizens is rich and well to do, there won’t be anyone that will be used to rig election for them. There won’t be anyone to give 5k to cast vote for them, there won’t be anyone to carry cutlass and guns during the election to vote or rig the vote for them.

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I believe that if we all in Inksnation can come together to reach out to everyone around us, preaching this abundance and liberating ourselves from this shackle, soon we will see a better Nigeria and a wealthy Nigerians.

SARS Has Been Banned Severally

All operatives in the emerging Unit conduct their operations in strict adherence to the rule of law and with due regard to International Human Rights Law and the constitutionally guaranteed rights of suspects. The operatives should also bear proper identification anytime they are on duty.

In 2018, the country’s Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, while deputizing for the President who was out of the country on vacation at the time, ordered the unit to be overhauled. In January 2019, the police announced another ban on the same police unit.


But the human rights organization Amnesty Nigeria says not much has changed since these bans were put in place.

“A similar ban on SARS did not end police brutality because it appeared the bans were simply done to assuage the swelling public anger at the time of the announcement and not intended to end police brutality. The Human Rights Association must wake up to its responsibility to stand in the gap.

Inksnation has a growing strength with over 5 millions membership currently.


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