FAQs About Pinkoin

This post tries to cover a series of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Pinkoins cryptocurrency from inksnation.

As the world is going cashless, with this era of stay at home and COVID-19 pandemic, the world as changed in the way things and done and it can’t be reverted.

The mission of this opportunity is to achieve a minimum of N4000 daily and a minimum of N120k Monthly as universal child basic income from August 12, 2020, for everyone who joins this moving train to fight and Eradicate Poverty In the Land Once And For All.

So, let’s take a look at some

frequently asked questions about PinKoin

Q* Where is InksNation planning to get the money from?

A* InksNation is merging cryptocurrency and philanthropism together! They are establishing the first-ever crypto in Nigeria. Once the blockchain technology is finally adopted, there will be more than enough money to go round.

Q* What will I be doing on the platform to earn

A* Absolutely nothing, just register and keep your details safe till when the withdrawal will start by August.

Q* Why do I need to pay since they want to eradicate Poverty?

A* Any of the 4 plans you decided to start with is just a way of buying shares from the system. Without you activating your account, you will miss out

Q* Will I get paid if I didn’t refer

A* Yes definitely. That’s because this is a poverty eradicating program and not a referral based program.

Q* Can I upgrade to a higher plan later?

A* Absolutely you can.

Q* How can I convert my coins to physical cash?

A* Your Pinkoins cryptocurrency can be exchanged for physical cash through the pinkoin exchangers. You locate any of the pinkoin exchangers (both offline and online), and you send them pinkoins worth the amout you wish to withdraw and once they receive the coins in their wallet, you will be given physical cash.

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If you are privileged to be in locations where the Pinkoin ATM is located, you can use your pinkard to make the same transactions.

 Pinkoin atm prototype

Pinkoin ATM prototype

Q* Can I have 2 accounts?

A* No, you can’t! If you are caught, you will lose both immediately. Kindly register your family members and friends instead to spread the good news.

Q *How do they want to reach at least 180 million Nigerians to enact the reserve calculated funds?

A* They are paying some of the members who volunteered to share the good news with others. Thereby expanding the value of the coin consequently.
They are also doing some aggressive marketing in the grassroots as we speak.

Q* Is it a must I print my Pinkard now?

A* Yes! You must print it as a plastic ID card but Not a must to activate it if you do not want to participate in the humanitarian service (i.e. referrals) so as not to waste the fund of the project. The 140k is only and strictly meant for those who are capable of referring people to the project.

Q* Do they have meetings?

A* Yes they do. That is why we all need to join their official group on official Telegram group

Q* How do I pay for me and my families

A* Discuss with the person that shared the opportunity with you to activate your accounts for you and others you may later want to involve. Or you can get in touch with exchanger Prince on 08104441251 (WhatsApp) for further details.

Q* Why is PINKOIN now listed on the crypto market?

A* PINKOIN has not started full usage. Full usage and exchanging begins on August 12. So by then, it will be listed on crypto markets and coins cap.

PINKOIN is a Reserved Cryptocurrency, not all those coins already existing.

Q* Is Pinkoin Scam?

A* Well, I will tell you that from my observations and research, it is real but because I am a transparent person, I always advice people to invest what they can stand to risk if they are not fully convinced then upgrade when it becomes real.

Q* How does it get its value since it’s not in the market?

pinkoin valueThe value of PINKOIN is not dependent on demand and supply nor dependent on the market, the value is based on its population, its human asset. Me and You. i.e PinKoin blockchain is built on human assets.

InksNation is a community. PINKOIN is the currency of the community, just like America is a country and Dollar is its currency.

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In order to alleviate poverty, PINKOIN is distributed to all members of the community, every day for life. So no member will be broke. The community is backed by humanity, not by Oil or Gold or Diamond.

The population determines its value. As long as there Are humans in the community, the community has value.

Nothing in this world is more valuable than human life. In this community, every human being is valuable and that’s why every human being is taken care of.

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