Hatoken, Inksnation’s New Coin Begins To Gain Attentions

Two months after Inksnation announced a comeback, the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) have launched a new cryptocurrency named Hatoken ($Hotok) and it is currently trading on Poocoin and Pancakeswap.

Hatoken which is the abbreviation for Human Asset Token is according to Inksnation, the World’s Biggest Meme Token Representing Humanity which is aimed at making Humans the biggest asset on earth while promoting Love, Peace, Unity, Oneness, and Equitable Distribution of Wealth.

The overarching goal is to reward those who support their community-powered charity course and to increase the value and quantity of the tokens in every community members’ wallet.


About Hatoken


Hatok is built on Binance Smart Chain and has a total supply of 2,000,000,000,000,000 (two quadrillions).

Also, as of the time of writing, the coin which is less than a week old already has over 15,000 holders, with 39645 transfers made so far.


Hatoken Road Map

A glance through the whitepaper made available to the public reveals that there will possibly be a migration from being a meme token to a utility token as they also intend to develop their own blockchain towards to later part of the year.

Some major activities to expect from Inksnation in 2022 include listing on smart contract auditing, coin market listing, centralized exchanges, evolution into NFT and animation, development of digital governance social app.

Others include integration of DAO2DAO chain, inkswap exchange, universal wallet, etc.

Hatoken road map

                                             Road Map

There will as well be a 20-week burn activity starting from January 2022. It is to reduce the total supply of the minted tokens, thus making it scarce.

Hatoken Burn Calendar

                                                      Burn Calendar


The new token which obviously has replaced all other tokens introduced by the DAO is already trading on popular decentralized exchanges such as poocoin.app and PancakeSwap.finance.

There are other listings a well and several other non-custodial wallets supporting the token.

wallets supporting hatoken


How To Add Hatoken To Trust Wallet

  • You can add hatoken as a custom token on trustwallet or any of the supported wallets using the following procedures:
  • On your trust wallet dashboard, click on the top right to search for a token, scroll down and click on Add custom token.
  • Change or select Smart chain network.
  • Click on paste.

Hatoken contract address


Symbol: HATOK
Decimal: 9

Then click done.


The coin is currently trading at $0.00000000300692 and 1 BNB will give you approximately 174,028,000,000 units

How To Buy Hotoken

You can trade this token on any of the above-listed exchanges OR contact Royal Exchange on WhatsApp with this number +2347026321243 to buy P2P (Peer To Peer).

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