How SARS threatened to “blow my head comot for my body”

  • Sars officers high on weed threatened to shoot me for asking why

It was in Odenigwe, Nsukka that it happened. I was coming back from Ogige market with my friend. We had gone to buy food items for the new month. We were on a bike. The bike-man rode towards Odenigwe in Nsukka, Enugu State.

We saw from a distance a white Hilux van and about six men, all wearing black shirts and black trousers. They all had guns. The bike-mad drove past the van and we heard a man shout at us. It was the man who was sitting in the empty space behind the van. He shouted at us to stop but we didn’t. The bike-man heard him but ignored him. He was mumbling something, I couldn’t hear it but it sounded as though he was grumbling.

SARS Stops Us

The officer shouted again “una dey mad! I say make una stop there! Una wan chop bullet!?! Stop there now!” This was around 2 pm. I was quiet. My friend that sat behind me on the bike had already begun to complain. I hadn’t had any run-in with SARS before. I’ve only heard stories from people and they weren’t nice ones at all.

I was scared and hoped these guys weren’t the infamous SARS (now SWAT) because I had heard of their brutality. The bike-man turned around and we headed back to the Hilux van. “Una no wan chop this rice wey una buy,” the officer said to my friend and I “Una don hear of SARS. Na we be dat o” This officer was reeking strongly of weed and gin.

It was choking. “Ah-ahn… No be like dat, oga. We no hear you…” It was my friend who spoke. I was just quiet and scared. “Wetin una go buy for market?” The SARS officer said My friend replied “na just wetin we wan use take cook this afternoon. Rice, tomato, onions… dat kind tin… We join buy toiletries…” “Eh-hen… Gimme your phones, now” “Nothing dey inside am…” My friend said as he handed over his phones to the SARS officer. I gave him mine too.

The Threat To Shoot Me From SARS

“Shut up your mouth! Open the phone!” “Why?” I asked The officer looked shocked. Other officers that were around stopped talking with themselves and looked to my direction. “This guy no wan go house today o,” one officer said. “No mind am. He never hear of SARS” another officer replied him but his eyes were still on me. The man that ordered me to open my phone just cocked his gun and pointed it directly at my face.

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This was in broad daylight! “I go blow your head comot for your body. Nothing go happen. I go come your burial chop rice wey for don nearly spoil” The SARS officer said. He didn’t raise his voice. He was quite calm. He said it in low, threatening tones.

I didn’t see the other officers who spoke but I heard a mixture of “off the man!”, “See, no be for here you go do am”, “people dey look you o” One officer placed a hand on his shoulder to calm him down. I stared down the barrel of that gun. I felt so powerless, so weak. I was scared. I was angry. I just wanted to go home. My friend was dumbfounded.

He told me to just open the phone. I did. While he looked through whatever it was he was looking through, I saw as the other SARS officers were just rounding up anybody they saw. No explanation, nothing. They just manhandled anybody, all guys, that they saw and forced them into the Hilux van. There was this one guy who went to the market to buy a lighter. I listened to his case…READ MORE

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