How To Become 1 Accredited Green Zugacoin Distributor Easily

  • There are five 5 categories of Green Zugacoin distributors

The first phase of the 5 phases of the ZUGACOIN and Samzuga ecosystem project has been completed, both technically and structural wise as the first ZUGACOIN Distributors meeting was held on the historic June 12 at Abuja.

The ZUGACOIN  Ecosystem Structure

In the ZUGACOIN Ecosystem, there are various Structures available and each position has its own duties and plays very vital and important roles in the functioning of the entire ecosystem. Here’s a summary of some of these structures:

  1. Holders: These are members of the ecosystem who have any amount of Zugacoin in their wallets. Everyone is virtually a holder.
  2. Merchants: In the Samzuga ecosystem, merchants are businesses and organizations that accept the payment of green Zugacoin or any of the Samzuga cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for the goods and services they render.
  3. Vendors/Agents: The vendors and agents are those who retail the Samzuga products to the holders and help members process various applications.
  4. Technical Team/committee: The technical committee is responsible for the development and implementation of the technical aspects of the project. They also make sure all issues within the ecosystem are handled.
  5. Distributors: The distributors purchase the Samzuga cryptocurrencies from the headquarters in larger quantities and then distribute them to the vendors.


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In this article, I will be focusing on the Green Samzuga distributors, the various categories open for registration, the benefits of becoming a green Zugacoin distributor, and how to process your registration as a distributor.

How To Become A Green Zugacoin Distributor

There are 5 categories of Distributors. They are:

National Distributor

Requirement: There is only one National distributor in Nigeria. This position is open to anyone that will register with 100 million Naira.


Benefits: S/He would be getting ZUGACOIN at a 45% discount to distribute to Regional Distributors.

Regional Distributors

Requirement: There will only be regional distributors in Nigeria and qualified members are to register with 70 million Naira.

Benefits: S/He would be getting ZUGACOIN at a 40% discount to be distributed to State Distributors.


State Distributors

Requirement: The state distributors position is going to be 37 in Nigeria and is expected to register with 50 million Naira

Benefits: S/He would be getting ZUGACOIN at a 35% discount to be given to Local Government Distributors.

Local Government Distributors

This category of distributors is going to be 774 in Nigeria and will register with 10 Million Naira.


Benefits: S/He would be getting ZUGACOIN at a 30% discount to be given to Accredited Distributors.

Accredited Distributors

The accredited distributors are the last set of Zugacoin distributors and will also be more in number. They are going to be as many as they can across Nigeria all intending persons are required to register with 5 million naira

Benefits: They will be getting ZUGACOIN at 25% and be giving to both Vendors/Agents, Merchants, and private individuals at a 15% discount.


Anyone who wants to become a Green ZUGACOIN Distributor should pay in the following company’s account with the narration of NATIONAL, REGIONAL, STATE, LOCAL GOVERNMENT OR ACCREDITED DISTRIBUTOR and send to the WhatsApp number provided.

How To Buy Zugacoins At Cheaper Rates

To Buy Green Zugacoin SZCB or SZC, Contact Royal Stranger Exchange WhatsApp via +2347026321243 and purchase your Zugacoins instantly at reduced rates. Remember to download and set up your Samzuga Merchant Wallet first.

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