How To Buy Green Zugacoin, How It Works

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Green Zugacoin (GZC) is one of the crypto-products of the Samzuga Foundation that is currently being adapted for use by merchants. i.e you can use it to buy goods from accredited Samzuga Merchants.

Green Zugacoin was introduced in 2021 by professor Archbishop Sam Zuga, the founder of the cryptocurrency, following the grand success of Zugacoin, which turned out to be one of the most successful Cryptocurrencies in the world.

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Ever since the launch of GZC, a lot of programmes and pieces of training have been going on within the ecosystem to prepare the ground for the steady growth of the project and it has been a smooth ride since then. partnerships with various organizations inclusive.

How Does Green Zugacoin Work?

  1. Download the new Samzuga Merchant Wallet
  2. Sign in or Register if you don’t have an account yet
  3. Purchase any amount of GZC you want
  4. Locate any of the verified merchants or Samzuga Trade Fair centres in your locality
  5. Pick up any goods you want and make your payment using the scan-to-pay feature of the app.

The Green Zugacoin coin is developed and deployed on the Binance smart chain network, with a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens. The token which is listed on the coin market can be stored on various Web3 Tokens but is more utilized in the native Samzuga merchant wallet.

Having adopted the Green Zugacoin as the utility token for the patronage of registered and accredited Samzuga merchants, the cryptocurrency is now used to pay for goods and services in all Samzuga trade fair centres.


How Pay For Samzuga E-pin With Green Zugacoin

It will also interest you to know that right now, you can also pay for the Samzuga E-pin, which is a wallet security feature with the Green Zugacoin. To do this, make sure you have the equivalent amount for your E-pin in your merchant wallet, and proceed with your biometrics registration. Follow the on-screen instructions thereafter.

List of Verified SZC Merchants

CLICK HERE to get a list of all verified Samzuga Merchants.

How To Buy Green Zugacoin At Cheaper Rates

At the time of writing this post, GZC is trending more and being accepted more than other tokens in the Samzuga Ecosystem has a value worth over 1.5 million Naira. Expensive right? But you can own one full Green Zugaacoin with lesser of such amount and you can get as much as possible as well.


To Buy Green Zugacoin, Contact Royal Stranger Exchange WhatsApp via +2347026321243 and purchase your GZC instantly at reduced rates. Remember to download and set up your Samzuga Merchant Wallet first.

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