#EndSARS: I Escaped Ritualists But SARS Victimized Me

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A Nigerian taxi drive who recently escaped from the hands of ritualists on Wednesday 23nd Sept 2020, finally narrates his ordeal and how officials of SARS victimized and extorted money from him to take up the case and till now, nothing has been done.

How I Was Kidnapped In My Cab By Ritualist

I am a bolt driver who picked up 3 riders from Eleganza before Lekki 2nd toll gate and heading to Oshodi at about 9:45pm on Wednesday 23nd Sept 2020.

On the way, one of them said he will stop at law school after 1st toll gate, on getting there I stopped for the guy to alight and to my shock, the two at the back held me from the back, held onto my throat, and dragged me to the floor of the back seat.

Immediately, the one in front took over the steering. At this point, they started hitting my knees, shoulders, and elbow with a harmer to weaken me. I became so weak with pains and remained calm till dey drove to a distance and the driver suddenly said my fuel is finished.

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Their commander asked me if I hard a fuel keg in the boot and I said yes, so he asked the driver to park close to a fuel station and use the keg to get fuel but the other one said no need to park that he should drive in since they have weakened me already.

At this point, I prayed for God’s help because they pulled my black polo and used it to cover my face but when I noticed they were already at the fuel station, I started shouting but they zoomed off and someone drove after us, double-crossed us but his car was hit off the road.

So they continued and the torture on me became more severe, one of them held onto my nose with his teeth with blood pouring out while the other one tightened his hands to my throat, I didn’t even have the voice to begged but only struggled for life.


injuries from the bite

They already had the music to the highest volume and whined up the glasses. While they were driving, I begged them to just go with the car. I had 45k in my wallet (the money I made on previous trips) and I had my piggy bank in the boot where I was saving for accommodation.

In that piggy bank, I already had a lot in it because I was saving 2k daily and that’s about the second month, I begged them to go with it and let me go but they said they needed my heart and manhood for their ritual, all my begging fell on deaf ears.

This happened till passed midnight. One of them loosened my belt head and the next thing I heard was “commander make we cut this thing and throway this guy, he’s causing lots of attention” but the commander asked him to hold on till they get to Ibadan. YOU CANT IMAGINE THE FEAR NOW.

How I Escaped From My Captors

They kept driving and I was getting weaker due to the torture but at a point, I saw the heads on people outside, I summoned the courage to shout and struggle, that was how the area guys there ran after us with weapons, one broke my back windscreen and jumped into the car on the motion.

#EndSARS: I Escaped Ritualists But SARS Victimized Me 1

my shattered back windscreen

In an attempt to escape, the driver entered an end-point road and crashed my car against a parked trailer, that was how the mobs captured the two at the back and the one driving escaped but the rest of the area guys picked up anything they could lay hands on in my car.

They picked 3 of my phones, my swift 4G internet modern, MY PIGGY BANK WITH MY ACCOMMODATION SAVINGS. They literally turned my car upside down. This was happening till MAROKO POLICE MEN came and picked the two criminals and we managed to get my car to the station.


The case was transferred to SARS Ikeja and the IPO in charge of the case said I have to pay for investigation, he said they need to apprehend the other guy that ran away and I was like, officer see all I’ve gone through with bandages on me.

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I was scheduled for a chest X-ray with Throat and Nose examination but couldn’t go because I had no money left with me but he insisted I bring money to assist the police. I was able to raise 20k, ignored my treatment, I am yet to get a phone.

The SARS officer collected the money and asked me to come back on Thursday 8th by 3pm that he’s going to court, I got there and called him but he shouted at me and said I should come back on Friday and ended the call. I called again and he said he will swear for me if I call him again. Till now, nothing has been done.

You need to see the floor in my car, inside has turned to this green slippery dirty floor. I don’t know what else to do. My knees hurt so much and I can’t stand for long yet #SARS wants to make money off of me.

When he was taking me to the O/C’s office yesterday, he asked me never to disclose to the O/C that he has collected money from me else my case will be delayed and I may not get my car this year. I cooperated yet he is still acting so wickedly.

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