Pinkoin: Africa’s Biggest Blockchain Innovation By Inksnation

PinKoin to compete favourably with Bitcoin in the shortest time.

With over 200k+ registered users and counting, iBSmartify/InksLedger Technologies LTD aka InksNation, a Nigerian Real Estate and Tech startup, is growing what is now: ‘Africa’s Biggest blockchain P2P ecosystem.’ for almost ONE YEAR NOW, Without an ICO, IEO, or the usual exchange-listing stunt or any other crypto marketing stunt.

Rather, with a strong community of users, 8 blockchain use case solutions, and value-based on human asset development and valuation on the blockchain, InksNation is presently one of the fastest-growing blockchain networks out there.

Pinkoin – How it All Started

According to Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks, the CEO of iBSmartify, InksLedger Technologies LTD and founder/UDI of InksNation DAO Foundation. “The InksNation idea was spiritually inspired and one based on love. Also, it is predicated on the idea of using the blockchain to enhance and better the economic well-being of humanity, rather than create a system that is fueled by wasteful competition and violent price movements.

This whole idea was spiritually inspired by a dream in 2017. Today, that experience and several months of research and development have birthed 8 wonderful use case innovations, which are all predicated on a humanitarian idea of saving the middle and low-class income earners, as well as every vulnerable soul, from the inevitable impending financial crises and job shortages that will be hitting the job market in less than 10 years.

More precisely, according to a research publication by McKinsey global Institute 30% of jobs will be lost to A.I powered robots in less than a decade. In other words, the likes of Hasons robotics, celebrity humanoid robot Sophia, will most likely be writing publications like this in the future or will probably be occupying your present job role.

Whether you are for… or against the development of these types of innovation, the truth is that robots will be taking almost every job role we know today, and when they do people may have to be well taken care of just for being humans. A system that ensures the caretaking of the human race in that A.I. flooded age is what the inksnation idea of human asset development is about.

How To Become A Member Of Inksnation And Get PinKoin

  1. Register here

  2. After Registering, Contact an Exchanger to Activate Your Account or Message +2347026321243 on Whatsapp

  3. After Activation, your profile is not set up. You can also access your PinKard.

How To Become A Pinkoin Exchanger And Earn Money

The InksNation Innovating Solutions

Shortly we will be breezing through InksNation’s 8 use-case solutions and innovations, before looking at the protocol idea and economic philosophies of the InksNation ecosystem. These innovations are as follows.

1.InksLedger Blockchain

The InksLedger is a decentralized Ledger solution built to value and enhance the distribution of Human and Non-Human Asset Development. Due to the demands of this blockchain, InksLedger is Africa’s first Standalone Blockchain, meaning it is not built on a blockchain framework like Ethereum or IBM’s Hyperledger. The inksLedger explorer can be seen at

InksNation and its blockchain are designed and developed to restore all value back to humanity by being the first blockchain to be backed by the worlds most important but widely underestimated asset class (Human Asset) in a way that ensures all human life on earth who desires to become represented as a living node is incentivized for being just that, a living node.

What is more, the InksNation’s monetary model is one that can end poverty in any economy, in less than 9 months, which plans to pay all Living Nodes (that is registered participants) a minimum of $11 daily, for life as Universal Child Basic Income (UCBI) as a child of the One United Global Family, making the blockchain one that approaches the age-old issue of a Universal Basic Income uniquely. To learn more about the InkNation UBI model, check out this page

2. InksNation DAO

A cleaner in Ghana makes 26 times less than a cleaner in Luxembourg. Same Job description, same work-hour, probably the same organization, just different locations, but extremely different pay. Also, with the rise of AI-driven robots in the job market, this inequality gap will only get worse as we now have highly productive and efficient robots to compete with in the workplace.

The Inks DAO idea is predicated on the fact that humans should be taken care of for being humans, not where they live, how much work they do… This is why iBsmartify is developing the World’s First independent Charitable Trust DAO, which focuses on promoting love, oneness, unity, peace and equitable distribution of wealth.

The whole design is one that combines the use of Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality, and Quantum Computing all focused toward Philanthropy and Humanitarian Good.

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The Inks DAO system is one which facilitates and automates the distribution of a Universal Basic Income (UBI), allowing AI to be a blessing in the workplace, rather than a curse, allowing humans to live as Kings and Queens, by providing a supplementary solution for the under-valuation of human assets.

3. Proof of Love (POL) Consensus

The Proof of Love for Humanity algorithm or (POL algorithm) is built with all 180 sovereign currencies of the world in mind. In other words, with POL we have 180 representing the 180 currencies of the world, hence we see all countries that use the same currency as one making 180 somewhat like the magic number of love, which is based on the consensuship of the InksLedger’s network.

It, therefore, means that 180 currencies equal 180 countries, which also equals 180 human assets needed to complete a consensus and this further makes 180 human assets equals 180 living nodes, which equals 1 Consensus or what is called 1 Collective Mass Agreement (CMA) on the InksNation ecosystem.

Also, every CMA (that is consensus) achieved, increases the price of InksNation’s utility coin by 2 times its initial value. Also, there are four types of CMA’s on the inksLedger Blockchain, which includes:

Primary CMA (180 Living Nodes, users),
Secondary CMA (18 Million Living Nodes, users),
Tertiary CMA (180 Million Living Nodes, users)
And Quaternary CMA (1.8 Billion Living Node, users)

4. Pinkoin (PKN)

This is the native asset of the Inksnation economy and the World’s First Distributed Reserve Cryptocurrency. It is also called “The Democracy of Money” because it is predicated on the idea of “Money of the People, Money backed by the People, and Money for the People.” This Reserve Cryptocurrency ideology is totally different from traditional currencies and it only functions within the Inksnation economy.

Also unlike most cryptocurrencies, it combines features of both StableCoins and Floating Coins while having its value backed by the human assets of the network, which makes it the first asset to be backed by human assets. Also as at the time of writing 1 PKN is worth $1,123 and the total reserve cap of over $160 Billion.

How To Become A Pinkoin Exchanger And Earn Money

5. InksNode

This is an extra services layer, like Masternode governance seen in systems like Dash. However, with InksNode the idea is centred around making human asset investment what it intrinsically is, “the biggest investment.”

Through the several InksNodes packages, high capital entities, individuals and businesses will saddle the computational responsibility of the network (hence the term Proof of Love Consensuship.) This makes it possible to finance the Universal Child Basic Income for the beneficiaries. Also, due to the philanthropic gesture of these Nodes, they are by far the most rewarded entities on the ecosystem.

There are 4 types of InksNodes:

  1. Sunfish Node Package
  2. Dolphin Node Package
  3. Sharks Node Package
  4. Whales Node Package

These InksNodes come with 400,000, 4 Million, 40 Million and 400 Million living nodes slots for free. So with these, all the beneficiaries get the $11 Daily package for free and the Nodes Bearers become Universal Trustees of the InksNation DAO Foundation. Check out this page to learn more about the InksNode Package.

6. Pinkard

This is Africa’s First Blockchain QR Code enabled Debit Card, which works similarly to card services like MasterCard and VISA Card, with extra QR functionalities to improve transactional services in PinKoin for the unbanked.

The Pinkard aims to bank the unbanked and underbanked, it comes with a QR Code which when scanned contains your unique Pinkoin Wallet Address. This aids transfers and transactions between users.

The Pinkard has over 100k holders as at the time of writing, and will soon grow to become Africa’s number one crypto debit card service provider while supported by the PinKoin ATM.

How To Become A Member Of Inksnation And Get PinKoin

  1. Register here

  2. After Registering, Contact an Exchanger to Activate Your Account or Message +2347026321243 on Whatsapp

  3. After Activation, your profile is not set up. You can also access your PinKard.

7. Pinkoin ATM

In partnership with a Chinese Company, the First Pinkoin ATM will be installed in Africa’s most populous city, Lagos, the head office of iBsmartify solution in July.

8. The Distributed Reserve Cashless Banking (DRCB) Model initiative

This is one of the novel ideas with InksLedger, as an attempt to incorporate the InksNation economy with traditional monetary systems. In other words, InksLedger is one of the few blockchain systems which is not an anti-government or anti-central bank decentralized system but seeks to serve as an upgrade to these systems globally.

The InksLedger banking-in-Abundance model kills the debt-based system and also serves as a Bailout for all 180 Sovereign Currencies represented by individuals from these regions. This will contain the Distributed Reserve Exchange which serves as an Atomic-Swap for all 180 Currencies represented on our Blockchain.

The only way, a blockchain like this which is backed by human assets in 180 sovereign nations to one cryptographic structure. The end of this system will, therefore, mean the end of the entire human race, which is impossible.

All these innovations have been open for Nigerians, alone since November 2019, but will now be open to the rest of the world from the 12th of June, 2020. This is in commemoration of the many humanitarian struggles all over the world that is marked by that day.

More precisely, the 12th of June makes Nigeria’s Democracy Day, it also marks the National Loving Day in America and Hong Kong Protest in China/Hong Kong. To learn more about the inksNation’s 12th of June, 2020 launch, how to purchase your coins or activate the account, Contact +2347026321243 on WhatsApp.



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