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Comr. Millow Richard A (SUG President)

Led by his Excellency Comr. Millow Richard Amalalaobabh the capacity President of the Students Union Government

Greatest FUO Students! Great!!

It is with great pleasure that we the entire Executives of the(Divine Agenda Government) Inaugurated by Justice Biggirl Sunny the Chief Judge of the Union on the 7 of June 2017 at the skills acquisition conference hall,and honorably witness by the entire school management after a Free, Fair, credible and Peaceful Election like that of June 12 1993 of MKO Abiola.

Today the 28 of August we present to you the state of the Union.

Our fellow students it has been inconveniences of non refurbishment of our offices(from the office of the President to the Speaker and Chief Judge) due to the unavailability of mobility and sufficient official cash to start up the administration,FUO is unique and we pray that its uniqueness live forever.

Therefore on behalf of over 5000 Students in the Union we seek the support of management(academic and non academic Staffs)to contribute to the sustainable development and growth of FUO.

   Achievements so far.

* so many students complaint about the clinic and something was done about it.
*Thorough sanitation was organized in all hostels of the School in other to promote healthy environment.
*A walk over was constructed behind the school library to enable students going to (FB3)cross the water log area.
*FUO abandoned swimming pool was brought back to life.
*Election was conducted in hostels to create hostel leaderships.
*Abandoned toilets in all hostels were brought back to life.
*Operation Keep FUO Clean campaign was launched and waste Bin Baskets including Iron carriers were installed in all angles of the School.
*Students were allowed to write exams even without paying school fees.
*A wonderful and befitting Students week was organized after 4 days in office without any money in the Union account.
*Moves were made and transport companies were brought to the table of negotiations with management to regulate transportation within and outside Otuoke.
*Projects like FUO Freedom Square, FUO Fish Farm, FUO Mini Market, FUO Mini Car Park, were proposed, though still waiting approval by management.
*Other serious issues that affected us were the case of raping, snatching of phones, cult clashes and today all those incidents are under control.
*Formation of standing committees to work with all directors of the Union was also achieved.

Ongoing projects

*construction of a modernized bill board at school main gate entrance and other construction works to make it look like other university gates is ongoing.
*Provision of Street lights inside school road is also ongoing.
*Printing of FUO Hand bands, FUO Note Books, FUO Face Caps and Polo Shirts, FUO Tie, FUO Students Union Land yard is also ongoing.
*Introduction of a Book titled “The Dynamics of Students Unionism in Nigeria”to increase students consciousness.
All these outlined achievements where achieved within 3months by the Divine Agenda Government. It is on this note that we call on all well wishing Students of FUO to always pray for and support this Millow led leadership to enable them achieve all there target.
*Students consciousness about Unionism was also increased due to the fact that the President of the Union is a corrosive comrade.

We also wish to use this medium to appreciate all FUO Students who gave us their votes and has also been supporting us Socially, Morally, Financially, academically and other wise.

This is the state of the Union.

Long Live Divine Agenda Government!

Long Live FUO Students!!

Long Live Students Unionism!!!

Aluta continua! Victoria Aacerta!

Comr. Millow Richard A. – President .
Comr. Kehinde – General secretary.
Comr. Amaechi –  PRO.

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