The Old Buddhist Story About Forgiveness.

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A Buddhist teacher and student were sitting together. The Buddhist teacher asks, “Somebody throws a stone at you, and it hits you. Who are you angry with?”


Student replies, “The person!”
The teacher says, “Well, it’s the stone that hit you, not the person…”
Student replies, “I’m not angry with the stone because it had no intention; it’s the person that threw the stone at me.” Then the teacher says, “Well using that logic then, you shouldn’t be mad at the person.
You should be mad at their pain because the person is just like the stone, being helplessly thrown by their pain.” With this story in mind, my first challenge to you today is forgiveness. Forgiveness of the people who have hurt you in the past. This challenge isn’t about condoning their actions, But if you want to change the world we live in today, then,it’s about you trying to understand the deeper meaning behind why they acted in the way they did.

Most importantly, it’s to help you move on. Because, “Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”
– Unknown I for one have tested this and realised it works perfectly fine So it’s up to the person reading this today to put up his/her own test to know if it works fine too But am sure it does “What doesn’t harm you and your environment probably adds to your beauty in total”

-Unknown If God is ubiquitous, then we have to forgive. As an evidence that God lives in us.

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