3 Smart Tricks Politicians Adopt Against The Church

Paul in his Epistles to Timothy didn’t call the church “the pillar and ground of politicians to play politics or do their campaign”, no, rather he said, “The Church is the house of our God, the pillar and ground of the truth”.

Politicians have played us enough. The Bible said, in fact, Jesus said “first seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness”…the church is a place to seek God’s kingdom and his holiness, not a place to do campaigns for politicians.

If these politicians truly love our God, they must have accepted our God, keep his commandments, and repent of their evil and wickedness toward human societies. They don’t go to church, save on campaign day, then they will remember God. Jesus said, “seek God and his righteousness, first!”

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Let them be elected into the family of God first, before seeking the election and political favour from the church.
The problem we have are these filthy-lurker pastors, whose gods are their stomachs, who mind earthly things. Because had they known this, they must first stand and resist these deceivers of their evil, to remember the living God.

If they want to do campaigns, there are fields, open-air grounds, and hotels, let them go there and invite the public, not in the church! The church is not a place of political campaigns, it is a place where God campaigns in the ears of ungodly politicians.

These gain-seeking pastors can’t tell them about Jesus Christ, they will carry them to the front seats, as honour, while they themselves (politicians) hate God, these things are not good.

The Tricks Of Politicians

According to a report by BBC in 2015 titled Nigeria elections: Mixing religion and politics, some of the major tricks Nigerian politicians adopt during the election period include:

  • Heart over reason
  • Divide and rule
  • Prayers for peace

Many of these politicians do all sorts of things in their quest for power that even affects or victimizes their church members. And during the election period, they will come to church to share bags of rice, bags of beans, yams, and all, these men have deceived the church!

And when they are elected they will forget coming to church till the next four years, during another election, they will come again with bags of food, hungry church. If they repent of their evil ways, then let the church of God support them fully, they’re now beloved in Christ, dearly beloved!

Politics is not sinful. The campaign should not be within the church, but outside the church. Go out and do your campaign. God is a jealous God, He will not share his glory with politicians.

Go and vote, get your PVC and vote, but don’t allow these men in the church, let them come to campaign for God and not seek men that will support them on election day.

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