Fairmoney: How To Quickly Get Loans of 200k Above Without Collateral

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Learn how to get loans of 200k and above using Fairmoney app.

Getting loans of huge sums as a first-timer is usually a huge problem because trust takes time to build, especially with people not willing to repay loans these days.

In this post, I will be teaching you how to get a loan offer of up to 100k even as a first-timer, and without collateral on Fairmoney App.

Though there are several microfinance banks out there, with many of them also operating loan apps, one will be confused about which is better. This article does not in any way endorse any app in particular. But for the sake of this teaching, I will be introducing you to what worked for me, after testing other apps.


How To Get Loans From Fairmoney Loan App

Fairmoney is a duly registered microfinance bank under the CBN, operating in Nigeria and it is also insured by the NDIC. Not only can you get loans from them, but you can also use them to send, receive and save money, pay utilities and buy airtime s at a 3% discount.

I personally use it.

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Now let’s go straight to how to access their loans.

  1. Create your account by clicking on this special link: https://fairmoney.app.link/zuOtkRSKmab
  2. Add your details as requested on the app. Make sure you upload authentic verification documents.
  3. Link a valid ATM card with the account. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe.
  4. Once 1-3 above is done, click on get loan.

If you are a student and you need a loan, indicate you are a student and you are applying for a loan to pay your fees or if you’re a business owner with a registered business name, provide your CAC number.



Take any amount and repay it immediately, but not less than 2 days. You will get a 0% interest on this if you repay within 2weeks. This will help to boost your loan credibility.

After repaying the first loan, apply for the next one, which is your main amount. If the amount you want is not available or it’s available but the timeframe is too short for you, decline the offer.

After declining,


1. Go to Playstore and write a review that either the amount available is too small, or the repayment period is too short. They will reach out to you immediately.

2. Send a mail to help@fairmoney.ng and tell them exactly what you want and in 24hrs, you’ll be attended to.

That’s all you need and you’ll get any amount you want. 🙂


The more you repay your loans, the higher the amounts you’re entitled to and you can get up to 1M naira to repay in one year time.

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