2 Easy Ways Of Unlocking SuperEx ET Airdrop

SuperEx ET token has been making waves for the past few days now after it was launched. The token rose incredibly high, up to $34 within four (4) after listing and users who participated in the airdrop event have been clamouring to unlock their tokens ever since.

In this article I will show you how to easily unlock your ET tokens airdrop but before then, let’s look at what SuperEx ET is all about.

What is ET Airdrop?

ET is the utility token of SuperEx, which is the credential and basis for each SuperEx user to participate in ecosystem development, DAO governance, and ecosystem features. ET will play a crucial role in ecosystem development as an economic foundation and circulation hub. Users enjoy transaction fee discounts, VIP customer rights and privileges, first mining bonuses, project decision-making rights, and more.


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The economic model of ET is a permanent deflationary fixed-rate burning mechanism. SuperEx will continuously burn ET tokens through two mechanisms: buyback and burn and burning through voting. With the initial supply of 1 billion ET tokens, SuperEx has set a target of burning 800 million of the tokens, leaving only 200 million ET as the final supply.

How To Unlock SuperEx ET Airdrop

Before the listing of Et for trading, all forms of trading contributed to the unlocking of the airdrop but upon listing, ET is now unlocked only by trading futures. With the new rules, spot trading cannot unlock ET.


The details are as follows:

Old rules of the event: Every time a new user is recommended to successfully register a SuperEx account, the inviter can get the ET airdrop. The invited friends will unlock the ET together with the inviter for spot or Futures transactions, and the unlocked ET will be credited to the account in real time.

New rules of the event: Every time a new user is recommended to successfully register a SuperEx account, the inviter can get an ET airdrop, and the invited friend will unlock the ET with the inviter for Futures trading, and the unlocked ET will be credited to the account in real time.


Unlock quantity = transaction fee * unlock difficulty / ET price

Share your exclusive invitation code/link with friends who have not registered with SuperEx, and start the new unlocking journey of ET with him!


  1. Other contents of the ET unlocking event remain unchanged;
  2. The new ET unlocking event is valid for a long time;
  3. Users who participate in this activity can also get transaction rebates for inviting friends to earn coins together under the regular rebates;
  4. All participating users abide by the SuperEx terms of service by default. In order to ensure the fairness of the event, cheating such as malicious brushing and batch registration of small accounts is strictly prohibited. If a violation is found, its activity qualification will be immediately suspended, and if the situation is serious, the account will be frozen;
  5. SuperEx reserves the right to modify the terms of this event without notifying users in advance;
  6. SuperEx reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.

Let me explain this to you in simpler terms.

To unlock your ET airdrop, you will have to trade futures or your referrals should trade futures or both. The accumulated fees unlocks equivalent amount of ET

For instance, if 1 ET = $5 currently and you have accumulated fees of $5 from trading and your referrals alike, it unlocks 1 ET.


By formula:
Amount of ET unlocked = margin X leverage x trading fee


100$ = margin
10x = leverage
0.06% = trading fee


100×10×(0.06/100) = 0.6$

Therefore 0.6$ worth of ET would be unlocked.

2 Easy Ways Of Unlocking SuperEx ET Airdrop 2


How to Get SuperEx Airdrop

If you haven’t, you can register now and get 10 ET tokens.

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