InksBank: Inksnation Opens Donation For MFB, How To Donate

Shortly after announcing the purchase of a Fintech company in Zug, Switzerland, the inventors of Pinkoin, Insknation have opened a donation platform meant for the purchase of an already existing or establishment of a brand new commercial bank in Nigeria, Inksbank.

In a communique made available to Tori4town, the founder of Inksnation, under Ibsmartify stated that the aim of the Inksbank donation project is to collectively buy the future they desire with fiat currency and then enjoy the benefits in pinkoin.

“Members donations have started, remember we are to collectively buy the future we desire with Scarce Fiat Currency and enjoy its resources with Pinkoin.”


More Inksnation Projects

“We have a lot on our plate, Microfinance Bank, Malta Fintech Company, India registration, And lots more. Switzerland is covered already.”

inksnation inksbank poll

How inksnation members voted on inksbank poll

“Like we said we are going to register InksNation in as many crypto-friendly Nations as possible, and we already have good news from 2 of them already, also as regards the microfinance bank in Nigeria we planned we will also be going for that soonest. I know many have been waiting to donate, and so we have enabled them to be part of this great project.”


Reason For The Inksnation Donation For InksBank

“We will use Collective Mass Agreement (CMA) on Fiat to buy the future we desire and live in that future with pinkoin. This is one of the most powerful transformations we can give to ourselves as the median generation.”

Another Tori4Town: Inksnation Obtains New Fintech Company With Crypto Licence In Switzerland

“But what I think is that we don’t need to own a Microfinance if we knew the power we have with CMA, we can actually start or buy a Commercial Bank like GTbank, WEMA Bank etc.”

inksnation inksbank

According to CBN, A National Microfinance Bank Requires 5BN as minimum capital

“Over 5 Million people can’t settle for less, let’s try this for our generation and prove to ourselves that we are the best generation ever.”

“If only 10 Million Nigerian use CMA, they can open a standard Commercial Bank just by donating N1,000 Each. That is 10 Billion.”


“Do you know that with 1,000 Naira Monthly just as a donation towards the NGO self we will buy the whole basic amenities we need for ourselves without waiting for the government. Food, ACCOMMODATION, clothing a lot of things.”

“Many do not have their name in anything of value bcos they can’t afford it but this is an opportunity to write your name in history that “We Achieved this Together”.

The good news is that we are buying one FinTech/PLC with Hot Crypto Licence outside Nigeria and another in Nigeria to sync them together. We were looking to start afresh to register outside Nigeria but we found an already existing one waiting for us so instead of following the registration process that would have taken 5-6 Months God/Allah prepared a table waiting for us.


Another Tori4Town: How To Become Inksnation Pinkoin Agent, Earn Big

The best 2 ways to conquer money in this age are either to be amongst the creators of new money or be one of those that trade in the money that was created. We chose the former and left the latter because the creators of money benefit the most from the money created.

We will be working with both the International Bank/FinTech and Nigerian Commercial Bank. Let me help you unleash your hidden power so you can see that you actually never needed to wait for the government, rather the power to change your lives our lives has always been in our hands.


How To Donate For Inksnation InksBank

Donations are not compulsory for members. You must deem it right for you to donate. A minimum of N1,000 for End Users and a minimum of N10,000 for exchangers.

  1. Login to your inksnation membership account
  2. From the menu option, click on the Donate Button in your dashboard underneath the Account button to donate.
  3. Donations can be done multiple times as you please.

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