Faster Ways To Mine Notcoin 2024

Notcoin is the fastest-growing Telegram game where you get Notcoin by clicking on a coin. Players can earn by joining squads (Telegram channels and chats), inviting friends, completing tasks, and climbing the leaderboards.

How to mine Notcoin?

All you have to do is install the app and just tap your phone’s screen.

How To Earn NC

There are several other ways to earn Notcoin besides mining.

  • Invite frens — invite friends and get (big) bonuses for them.
    • On the home screen under the coin, click “Frens”, then the “Invite a fren” button, choose who to send a Telegram invite to, or copy the invite link and poke around on your social networks.
    • Users without Telegram Premium: you both get a bonus of 2,500 Notcoin.
    • User with Telegram Premium: both get 50,000 Notcoin each.
    • Every time your friends move to the next league, you get extra bonuses.
  • Onboarding — basic tasks to immerse in the game.
  • Leagues — when your friends move up in the leagues, you’ll get bonuses.
  • Specials — special rewards for exploring Web3 projects.
  • Web3 world — become familiar with Web3 applications. They would be useful in the future.

How To Boost Your Mining

Pump up your mining with Boosts:

  • 🔋 Energy Limit — increases your maximum energy capacity;
  • ⚡️ Speed Booster — increases energy recovery rate;
  • 👆 Multitap — increases coin mining in a single tap;
  • 🤖 Auto-tap bot — mines coins while you’re doing other things or sleeping.

On top of that, there are free bonuses available to you every single day:

  • 🚀 Rockets — launches a rocket
  • Full energy — refills energy
  • 💰 Free coins — gives free coins

Log in once a day to collect free bonuses, otherwise, they’ll burn up the next day.

notcoin mining robot

Notcoin Mining Robot

The Notcoin mining robot is an auto-tap bot that mines the coin for you automatically while you are busy with other things. To qualify for the auto-tap robot purchase, you need to mine at least, 12,000 Notcoins which qualifies you to move from Bronze to Silver level. Once you move to the silver level, the mining robot will be available for you to purchase with your mined coins.

It costs 20,000 notcoins to have the robot activated.

Leagues and leaderboard

Leagues and leaderboards show the most active Notcoin miners. Each league has a points threshold after which miners move up. There are five leagues in total: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond. More taps = higher position.






How To Create Squad

Squads are groups/teams of players and communities in the game. Any public channel/chat on Telegram can be a squad.

Squads compete against each other. They also have an internal leaderboard. For every Notcoin mined, you will receive 1 point to the squad you are a member of and those points are not transferable from squad to squad.

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You can invite the whole community to the squad and all new players will become your referrals. Bonuses work the same way as when you invite a fren.

Squads are public channels and chats in Telegram that are created automatically.

To join a squad, you have to:

  1. Go to the bot via the direct link
  2. Send a link to the channel or chat you want to join

Another option:

  1. In the game, tap on the Join Squad button at the top of the screen.
  2. A list of squads will appear, you can choose one or tap on Join another squad.
  3. Tapping on “Join another squad” will take you to a text bot where you will need to send a link to a public channel or chat.
  4. Join the squad and open the game.

You can also join a squad from the leaderboard. Just click on a squad, its page will open and there will be a Join button.

How To Send Notcoin

In the bot enter the command: /send and send a message. For example, /send 100 5 if you want to make a cheque of 100 Notcoin for 5 activations. One user can only activate this cheque once.


The bot will send the cheque, which can be forwarded to another player in private messages by clicking the “Share” button.

The function to send Notcoin also works in chat rooms, you will need:

  1. Make the chat administrator.
  2. In reply to the user’s message (reply) send /send

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