2 Powerful Samzuga Merchants Tradefairs Successfully Concluded

Samzuga merchants in Lagos will not be forgetting so soon their experience at the just concluded Zugacoin merchant trade fairs. It was a beautiful sight, to see the people expressing their joy about the success of the test run of the Zugacoin Merchant Trade Fair. People bought and paid using Zugacoin through scan to pay method.

The opening ceremony witnessed a huge success as all merchants exhausted their goods and provisions were made for them to restock their goods effectively without consulting anyone. Both Merchants and ZUGACOIN holders across Nigeria participated in the trade fair, to have the experience that will enable them to organize the same in their various States.

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Archbishop Sam Zuga, the Professor of Digital Economy in his speech expressed overwhelming joy towards the advantage Zugacoin has over every other cryptocurrency. He demystified in a few words the negative thoughts of failure people have about Zugacoin and why it is practically impossible for it to happen.

He reiterated the fact that he has made up his mind that Zugacoin must be a success at all costs and implored everyone to circumcise themselves of every fear about the Zugacoin Project in their hearts.

Highlight Of Activities At The Samzuga Merchants Training

  • Hundreds of Samzuga merchants were present at both the Lagos and Abuja venues.
  • Scan to pay was used for transactions.
  • Merchants were able to restock their goods easily
  • New partnerships were forged

To everyone that participated in the Green Zugacoin presale, you can now move your GZC from the presale website to the new merchant wallet.


How To Transfer Green Zugacoin

  1. Ensure that your email on the presale website is the same email on the new merchant wallet.
  2. Ensure that you have a minimum of $1 or 0.02 BNB on your presale website to use as the gas fee for every transfer.
  3. Log in with your email.
  4. Click ton Transfer button highlighted here on the screenshot below to transfer your funds
  5. For now, you can only move 1 GZC at once but in 7days when the transfer portal is settled the limit will be increased to 5GZC per single transfer. (This is a security measure done to secure your funds from unauthorized access)
  6. The official presale link is https://app.greenzugacoin.com

How To Buy Zugacoin

To buy the original ERC20 Zugacoin, SZC, contact Royal Exchange on WhatsApp with this number +2347026321243This is strictly for buying Zugacoin from Samzuga Wallet to Zamzuga Wallet.

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