What You Should Know About Inksnation PinKoin

Inksnation is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), an online business platform that was created by a group of Crypto investors in Africa with the aim of creating the first digital currency in Africa known as Pinkoin which is a cryptocurrency coin that use blockchain technology to generate massive revenue that will be paid to entire members monthly IBSalary from 12-August, 2020.

Is Inksnation Registered?

The business was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria under the name IBSMARTIFY as a legit business with RC 2956459.


Inksnation CAC Registration verification as IBSMARTIFY

Inksnation has set a target 18 million members before August 12, 2020 in order to actualize its mission to commence payment of monthly IBSalary to its individual members according to their registration plan.

The principle behind Inksnation is to generate money for humanity to reduce poverty and unemployment using newly created crypto coin calked Pinkoin which is an asset to humanity blockchain technology.

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This simply means that IBSmartify wants to raise the value of its newly created digital currency known as Pinkoin by millions of NGN so that it can be exchanged and traded globally. This means Pinkoin is an asset that has precious monetary value that can be used for trading and exchange with any other cryptocurrencies globally.

What is the value of PinKoin

With the increasing rate of Inksnation membership, the monetary worth of Pinkoin (PKN) as of Tuesday 2nd July, 202 is $2,164.05. To understand how the coin derives its value, read the FAQs about Pinkoin

worth of pinkoin



To become a Pinkoin member, click here.

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