$CATLY Mints 5 Billion More Tokens, Total Supply Now 7.1B

Following a poll conducted on the CATLY telegram channel, it has become evident that a significant majority of participants are in favor of token minting. In response to this sentiment, the development team has announced their decision to mint an additional 5 billion CATLY tokens, thereby increasing the total supply to 7.1 billion tokens.

As $Catly approaches its next pinnacle, now is the perfect moment to address the question that’s been on everyone’s mind:

Is CATLY a Ponzi scheme?

With a 3% staking reward, some might have concerns resembling those associated with Ponzi schemes. However, let’s make it crystal clear – we are fundamentally distinct from any Ponzi scheme. All Ponzi schemes rely on new investors’ money to pay profits to earlier investors, and they collapse when these payments become unsustainable.


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In contrast, $CATLY is on the path to being listed on exchanges, allowing every holder to trade and profit from their tokens. In fact, the potential for substantial returns, possibly tens or even hundreds of times, is not a fantasy. In the world of crypto, numerous tokens have proven this – generating incredible profits for early investors.

The team’s confidence in their token being the next success story is grounded in the fact that the token boasts a vast community of hundreds of thousands of members. We’ve never witnessed a token amassing such a massive community before listing. Even many tokens with market caps in the billions lack such a robust following.


While many of the community members might have joined through airdrops, observing, and sometimes questioning. But when they witness CATLY’s successful listing, their doubts will dissolve. And when they sell their airdropped tokens at a premium, they will become a driving force behind CATLY’s growth.

So, the dev team is poised to be the next best Meme coin, and their conviction in this belief remains steadfast.

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